See Me by Wendy Higgins

So, I had some free digital credit from Amazon because I’m a prime member and I choose to not rush delivery – I think it works out more beneficial as it’s like I’m getting £3 back for everything I order, and I ordered LOADS over Christmas. Anywho, I’m not here to try to convince you to choose No Rush Delivery. Anyway, I had some credit sitting in my account that needed to be used this month, so I was going through all the YA offers in the Kindle store – that’s how I came across The Paper Magician series (which I enjoyed) and this was one in a group of about ten I picked.

Can you tell I’m trying to avoid talking about it? Is it obvious?

I made it through the first 35% of the book and I didn’t want to finish it. But I told myself I would. I did it for you, dear readers.

I put on my rose-colored glasses and decided to read it like a parody. It just kept reminding me of the stuff I wrote in high school or middle school.

The premise? Robyn has been betrothed all her life to a mysterious McKale, a magical being from Ireland. The plot takes place as she is just about to turn 18 and meet her mysterious husband-to-be – but her mom drops a truth bomb on the plane on the way to Ireland: he’s a leprechaun. But oh god, not a bad one, he just so happens to be a giant among his people (a huge embarrassment to him). Okay, and he’s also 50, but that’s okay, too, because they age slower than humans so he has the appearance of an 18-year-old.

So Robyn meets McKale and finds him very attractive but accidently remarks on his height which is a huge insult, and then she finds out that there is a fae that has been vying for his attention that he has been cheating on her with. But it’s okay, because he can’t help the cheating – the fae mess with a man’s mind and they can’t help their reaction!

So after some hiccups (including Robyn’s sister Cassidy getting into trouble with another magical being) they devise a plan to expose that the fae is trying to steal Robyn’s leprechaun!

What did I think?

I found myself wondering about a 100 pages in why Robyn would want anything to do with McKale. Sure, she’s been told that he is her intended husband from the time she was something like seven years old, but the man has no personality. There’s no character to him at all. Even badly written leading men can make me swoon, but this… I just didn’t get.

Also, the author chooses to write the leprechaun’s dialogue phonetically. But she doesn’t do this for the character’s mother, who is also Irish.

Also, the FFG (Freaky Fae Girl as she is referred to in the book) supposedly cannot lie, but she speaks several of them! Inconsistencies, anyone?

Robyn and her sister make the men recite the Lucky Charms taglines.

Wait… the good things?

I got to mark another book off my reading list, but this is getting deleted from my Kindle.

And I guess it made me examine situations where marriages are arranged. I mean, these two characters spent their lives knowing that they were going to eventually be together and have to produce children to ensure the continuance of their race. Robyn’s thoughts at the beginning of the book make sense. What if he was horrible to her? Robyn acknowledges that her parents’ marriage was arranged, but they were lucky in the fact that they found love. It kept reminding me of when I read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory – when Mary is pursued by the King, well… you can’t exactly turn down the King, even if you’re married, can you? You have to go along with it.

Also, why couldn’t they just neglect the fae world and never ever go back? Why did they have to honor the arranged marriage? Couldn’t they just have kept living happily as they were?

I did a little reading and apparently the author wrote this on a dare from her husband. He said she couldn’t make leprechauns sexy, so she did (or tried). Also, she announced on her blog that she would love to write a companion book to concentrate on Robyn’s sister and the love interest she had in Ireland. Oh boy.

What about you, dear readers? Have you read this book? Do you completely disagree and love Robyn and McKale to bits? What do you think? Feel free to respond in the comments!

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