Discovering New Favorites

So, I’m gearing up to post about four reviews in a row! However, I thought I would have some fun book discussion first.

How do you choose what books to read or bring into your collection?

Do you go into a bookstore or library and pick up anything that looks interesting?

Do you comb GoodReads for recommendations that are similar to books you love?

Are you a best-seller reader?

Or, do you comb Kindle sales like me and pick up whatever looks interesting and is cheap or free?

How do you choose your books?

Like I said, I have been combing Kindle sales and freebies. I left my job a year and a half ago to move to the UK to study, and I could only bring a few books with me! I brought my Kindle instead. Also, since I was living off of savings, I wanted to be sure to stretch those savings, so any books I downloaded would usually be free. I’ve found some really good books this way! And, reading on my Kindle was best for me. My husband and I didn’t have the room to store physical books since we were both studying and any books we needed for our courses were priority. Reading on my Kindle really offset going to the library every day and combing manuscripts and old books for eight hours. It was easier to lose myself in electronic print when so my mind was so tied to academia in physical print.

I also try to comb GoodReads to find old favorites and books that are similar to ones I’ve read. I love some really specific types of stories and crave them desperately, so GoodReads has been an absolute goldmine and lifesaver for when I need my fix!

What about you? How do you choose your books? Are you set in your ways, or is it a mixture of ways?


2 thoughts on “Discovering New Favorites

  1. Demmi Writist February 28, 2016 / 9:21 am

    I rely on Goodreads a lot too. My favorite genre is fantasy so I usually look for fantasy books similar to the ones I’ve read and loved. But I also love the process of going into a bookstore and browsing shelves until I find something that catches my attention. I’ve discovered some of my favorite books that way. And also, Instagram is a grea source. Whenever I see a picture of a book that looks interesting, I look it up and if I like the summary, I add it to my tbr.

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