Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

I’m not gonna lie — I went on a Rainbow Rowell kick. I got a few of her books for my birthday, so the next few reviews I will be publishing will be reviews of her works.

The first I’m going to review is the short story she did for World Book Day: Kindred Spirits.

First, a synopsis from Amazon:

‘Everybody likes everything these days. The whole world is a nerd.’
‘Are you mad because other people like Star Wars? Are you mad because people like me like Star Wars?’

If you broke Elena’s heart, Star Wars would spill out. So when she decides to queue outside her local cinema to see the new movie, she’s expecting a celebration with crowds of people who love Han, Luke and Leia just as much as she does.

What she’s not expecting is to be last in a line of only three people; to have to pee into a collectible Star Wars soda cup behind a dumpster or to meet that unlikely someone who just might truly understand the way she feels.

Kindred Spirits is a very sweet short story about Elena, a young woman who is absolutely passionate about Star Wars. It all comes from her father, who raised her on the original three films, and she is dying to see the new film, The Force Awakens. She finds herself in line with two other Star Wars fans: Gabe, a young man her age, and Troy, a Star Wars veteran who regales them with stories about other film release lines he has waited in.

I absolutely love the way Rowell writes geek girls and encourages them to embrace their passions, even if they are in a male-dominated world. When Elena is questioned about her passion for Star Wars, she is able to hold her ground, despite something that she feels is a gap in her knowledge (Sorry, trying to be conscious of little spoilers). She emphasizes they are all there to share in their passion — it doesn’t matter who got there first.

I especially loved how Elena’s passion for Star Wars tied in to her family life — and the breakdown of her family. It provided the story with a depth that I did not expect.

Definitely recommended if you’re a fan of Rainbow Rowell — and the money spent for this short story goes to a good cause!

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