Hello — welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m starting this blog because I’ve found myself at a bit of a loose end. I know I’m not alone, but 2020 has turned my life on its head a little bit, and I’m trying to channel my energy into something entertaining — for myself and for others, hopefully!

If you’re wondering what you’re in for, I’ve decided to watch all of The Gilmore Girls and blog my experience along the way.

I know very little about this show other than it aired on the WB (or is/was it CW?) and it was incredibly popular. I have so many friends who have watched it, but we’ve never discussed it. I’ve remained remarkably spoiler-free since it has stopped airing. I think the only thing I know about it is that it takes place in a town called Stars Hollow, and there is a coffee shop called Luke’s, and that information has been gleaned from products in monthly book boxes I’ve received.

Oh, and I’ve taken a Buzzfeed quiz to see how many of the books mentioned in the show I’ve read, so I gather there’s a lot of talk about books, which I’m very here for.

I’m not quite sure what format this blog will take, but I’m sure I’ll find some sort of stride along the way. I do expect there to be lots of tangents and cultural references.

I also feel the need to mention that I’ve grown up on the internet reading the works of Cleolinda Jones, and if I could make this blog even a sparkle as entertaining as hers, I would be ecstatic.

Please feel free to discuss, question, and recommend along the way – but try to stay spoiler-free! I have to admit — I usually find it difficult to resist googling shows to find out what’s going to happen so I can mentally prepare myself for when it does, but I’ve made it this far without knowing anything about the show and I’d like every episode to be a surprise!