The Paper Magician Trilogy

Synopsis for The Paper Magician:

Ceony Twill is assigned to Magician Emery Thane as an apprentice Folder (paper magic) when her heart lies in Smelting (metal magic). Though she is reluctant to enter the trade, she soon finds that the world of paper is enchanting with the help of Magician Thane. However, she also learns that there is an unspeakable form of magic (flesh magic) that one can practice, and it wriggles its way into their lives – an Excisioner interrupts Ceony’s apprenticeship with Magician Thane and rips his heart out. It’s up to Ceony to save him.

Synopsis for The Glass Magician: After the debacle that was the last book, Ceony is once again training to be a Folder, though much more happily. However, their lives are once again interrupted as a consequence of Ceony’s actions in the first book. An Excisioner’s accomplice is hunting Ceony for answers, and he will stop at no cost to get them.

Synopsis for The Master Magician: Ceony is in her final weeks of her two-year apprenticeship and is preparing to take her test to earn the title of Magician. Although this situation is stressful, it becomes more so as a deadly Excisioner escapes and his target is her. It’s up to Ceony to track him and defeat him, all while trying to revise for her final exam! Continue reading