See Me by Wendy Higgins

So, I had some free digital credit from Amazon because I’m a prime member and I choose to not rush delivery – I think it works out more beneficial as it’s like I’m getting £3 back for everything I order, and I ordered LOADS over Christmas. Anywho, I’m not here to try to convince you to choose No Rush Delivery. Anyway, I had some credit sitting in my account that needed to be used this month, so I was going through all the YA offers in the Kindle store – that’s how I came across The Paper Magician series (which I enjoyed) and this was one in a group of about ten I picked.

Can you tell I’m trying to avoid talking about it? Is it obvious?

I made it through the first 35% of the book and I didn’t want to finish it. But I told myself I would. I did it for you, dear readers.

I put on my rose-colored glasses and decided to read it like a parody. It just kept reminding me of the stuff I wrote in high school or middle school. Continue reading